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Ocala 2008 Humor

Ocala Has 3 High Holy Positions NOW available. Must be able to sit thru long councils, scout, Site planning/Setup & give your soul to the Rainbow Priestess of the Ocala Forest.

The Rainbow High Priestess took lots of Bad Karma and sent it to those Folk's seeing only BAD RUMOR'S or those that "Dont Like our Friends". It was great to see Folk's that attended ALL Ocala Gathering of Tribes events that happened this year in the Forest (Even if they felt they had to sneak in the Back Door ;^) Hey, EVERYONE needs to take a break from rainbow, just don't insult us so.... ). Council agreed to please stay with YOUR vision & your absence is our blessing we truly saw this year. But Truly, YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME HOME....TRUE HOME!

Safety this year was Provided by the long lost "Duct Tape Squad" Last seen in Ocala back in 2000. The "Duct Tape Squad" was made up of Jesus Camp, A-Camp and a few volunteer's.

Water this year was provided by Mother/Creator in a beautiful Lake ONLY true Family used. Some Un-Trainedbow's still brought water in to spunions & Bumbow's where the Tribal/Earthly/Warrior Folk ONLY BRING WATER IN TO THE YOUNG, WEAK, OLD/ELDERLY or the ILL. Lets bring it back to the roots HooMans.

Updated 02/25/087

SERIOUS Ocala/Your 2008 Need's

  • Trash Bag's
  • Trash Hauler's
  • A Friend
  • That Friend's Friend!!!
  • Love - (Hugs are plenty from the rumor mill)

  • WE LUV YOU !!!!