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Thank you for Plugging in folk's. Come see the Forest even if we don't gather much, teach life lessons, sing heart songs but have small get togethers on the land. Stay tuned for our normal Potlucks for the Holidaze.

Us older's Follow the love.

  • Love Wins

  • Ocala - Awesome "Return to Love" Gathering. Older's and ALOT of past gatherer's had a wonderful loving and peaceful gathering. Much needed and perfect timing in the grand scheme of all life. The healers that came and the negative that didn't......We Thank you.

    Ocala 2023
    Olders and the crazy can use help if ya cant farm, trim, etc and are more housie or home hippy. Holler

    Stey in skool and teach your children well.

    We Love You!!!!!!

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