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OCALA 2003

Same as last year, But just keeps getting better. Hope this info helps. On the land....all was, is & shall be well!

On the land & with our hearts for the 2003 Rainbow Gathering we came early. Grandma & Grandpa fed us all well! The 14th came & the love must've peaked at midnight. The 14th & 15th were the most PEACE & LOVE filled days I have ever experienced at a gathering. ALL Kitchens were the best I've seen run in a long time. Hell, I even saw Six-Up yelling "Six-Up". A few normal movies, But minor than most.

Trading began in seed camp & the Trade circle was blessed throughout the gathering as we counciled regular to move it's main body to FINALLY accomodate....The elders, Handicapped & those not able to make the hike in. A Main Trade circle was formed just down from Main Circle at "Da Beach". Rainy/un-predictable Days, Trading was mainly done a "T" Square by Woodstock Notion. On VERY Rainy days or mid-week supply runs Trade Circle formed on the road straight out from Welcome Home's Path. Sometimes Trading was done in 2 or ALL 3 spots. Actually the first Gathering I saw NO Cash or Alcohol past Welcome Home!!!!!!!!!

Okay....nothing bad or sad, Well..... It was disappointing at the amount of (& to hear from mouths of) kind family who were mislead with false directions off a few known Troll Sites As well As Our Main "Looked Up To" Site. It was an X-TRA special feeling to greet the lost with a Hug & "Welcome Home" and feel their Relief, Love & Spirit cradled in my arms. So much so I camped in the Lot and NEVER do this. The energy of true love was this gatherings blessing.

AGAIN AS LAST YEAR...... I Myself, believe in signing Nothing. So far I see no changes in any Rainbow or Rainbow Minded thoughts or traditions.....But thats not to say We have our eyes shut. It seems to be working, but for how long? I'm Positive. I said it last year, At least a Permit was signed by someone other than an "A" Camper, Mis-guided Tourist or Leesburg Raver Kid.

Thanks for looking, Remember to try to spread POSITIVE & CONTRIBUTING items, ideas, thoughts & WORDS when representing "The Rainbow Family of Living Light". Let YOUR Bright colors shine.

Tradin' Bill aka Fla_Hippy