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LEO's Seem to be sticking by the endaged species story which locals on the scene say is bull as they have plans near this forest to dig another quarry. There will be more about this in town meeting tonight.

We had a most beautiful council today at high noon (Thurs) on site about 100 yards from blockade. Over 100 folkstook part, not one agro moment, the group is very united and lots of energy to stay and build. To get into the site there are many options and crews taking folks in around the roadblock.... its the if theres a will theres a way attitude. The conventional thinking thus far is that this is the site but if a better one with less police interference is scouted folks will be open to move but for now they are digging in. CALM folks and the water crew they went in WED through the secret mirror so they are hOMe!

The situation as of 2pm: The front gate road still blocked by many LEO's 24hr. People are lining up after the roadblock. CALL is out for FOOD as there are a few makeshift kitchens but all are lacking food. People lining up have been told that they could be issued tickets (120) last count but none in the area where people are waiting. There is a town meeting tonight. So far the towns people have loved us and are sharing the vision to let us gather. There is a disinformation let out that there are environment issues but was discredited by local folks that have environmental backgrounds that live near by Elkins.

1. Bat protected are migrating this time of year
2. The camping area is pretty trashed out by non-rainbow users (glass, cans, cig butts but family is cleaning out)
3. Salamanders, flying squirrel habitats can be found as well as a flower clover.

The locals that spoke in circle today (several) all say its a lie that the area in question is NOT under any protection because the locals use it almost every holiday and never had to sign a permit.

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