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Got it yet?

Funny how some folk's will pass on taking a FREE Computer they could sell for $50+ to feed family, But will take $50 (er...$35) of Food Stamps from the Mouths of needy Family. Kinda like Dumpster diving too much and throwing it down the back hill (OR leaving it to rot in my yard & House...Along with NASTY Human Haircut trimmings around my front door STILL!)

And then there's the Kitchen water damage from cleaning around my Faucets that have my whole kitchen floor waterlogged and about to fall thru for sure now when I thought the Bathtub or washer would go 1st. Now the Beautiful Lot I have was/is littered, hacked and abused by all those calling themselves "Rainbows". It just rained and it seems every rain will produce a few bags of "micro" trash. I REALLY should mention gifting these folks with MRE (Military Ration/Food Envelopes) to be stored & used probally instead of letting the children open them & abuse them like they were Christmas Gifts..... And to think all I asked for was 12 Cement Blocks while they were Blocklaying.
Now I find the truth in the Fire pit where I used to only burn paper and Food to eat. A wiseman also told me: 1 go on trip, Power Bill will double. Boy was he right. Wow, Say THAT Backwards.
I could go on (and on and on BabblyingOn...) But I try to see the positive in all, Like: 1) My Ragged Trailer is still here AND standing. 2) I still love them. 3) KARMA is a WONDERFUL thing.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM...That is the Donation Nation they need most. They get everything else (For sure) from Wal-Marts hind teat & other Corporate Falsetto Religiano. Again, PRAY for them.

So.... I must close down the Rainbow Safe-House to get it back in shape. Will take awhile since I'm a single male on Disability, Now with no chance of helpers helping. Thanks to all who came, enjoyed & blissed MY bit of Ocala.

Tradin' Bill a.k.a. Fla_Hippy