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11th Annual Rainbow Gathering Benefit Show

The Low Down.....

Hello family this is Flickerfeather.
Roy from the Griz Band is our hero, he put the 11th annual Rainbow Gathering Benefit show. This is most likely our show line-up and cost of show. $6.00 with a dry food non perishables food donation please no Can food please. We need stuff like big bagís of Rice, Dry Beanís, Powder Milk, Sugar, Coffee, Spiceís, etc. and with no food donation $8.00
Please if you have been to a Ocala Rainbow Gathering ever and live within Florida please do your part spread the word to the family. thanks love Flickerfeather.

'08 Benefit Online Flyer - HERE


Please check out Peagasus Lounge website address below and thank the bar for being so nice and give us a Saturday night to party on such short notice. Saturday night are money making nightís for barís and bandís . Please be sure thanks the bands and Pegasus Lounge for doing the Rainbow Family of Living Light a nice place to party. We put this show together in short time we need for you to spread the word as fas as you can. Below is the Peagus Lounge web address which have info for you and each of the 5 band myspace web address so you can go to each bands website and get a feel for the show.

The Pegasus Lounge : 10008 N 30th St. Tampa, Fl.
Sat. Feb. 2nd

8 pm -9 pm Green Sunshine Band -

9:15 pm-10:15 pm Low Frequency Shaman -

10:30 pm - 11:30 pm Skull and bone Band - http:/

11:45 pm-1:00 am Griz Band pm -

1:15 am - 3:00 am Cope Band:

Thanks Flickerfeather !!!