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Greetings Folks. 31+ years of this have been enough. Glad you enjoyed my site, pics and the safe ways in. Not to include the REAL DEAL Info those other sites couldnt say.

Updated 7/30/11

" Wake up Humans, Your killing the faeries along with yourself !!!! "

      - Tradin' Bill

  • ALWAYS Feb 14th and about

  • Still agreed upon by Elders to LEAVE THAT FOREST ALONE! WE MAY NEED IT SOON!

  •    And now a Public Service Reminder:



  •      Meaning......

    RAINBOW Made Herbal Incense, Potpourri, Herbals, botanicals and RC's at - HERE

    Advice from the "Wise Old Hippie ( And he's NOT a Rainbow )" - HERE

    Greetings you Foolish Humans. ALL Mankind is REALLY supposed to learn from our mistakes and TEACH proper living & fellowship with ALL planetary Life. It is NOT our planet & now for certain you have ruined mostly everything for your kids by teaching them to use & deplete at ones own free will.

    But several things should make you wonder:

  • Why no-one studies evolution anymore - Some of us know the answer, AND its over 3 million yrs old!
  • Why no-one is looking for those lost cities, places, etc. - THANK YOU Satellite Imaging!!!!

  • Ah....Secrets of life that you will NEVER know 'cause you cant get on the right track of TEACHING!!!!!!

    Ocala 2011

    Ocala this year was AWESOME but it showed just how much we have NOT been teaching. EXAMPLE: Nic-at-Nite used DeathCamp kids to find tobacco and stop those who traded it. These folks DIDNT EVEN KNOW TOBACCO IS A DRUG and REFUSED TO BELIEVE IT. I said this was new to me as I've been trading tobacco at RAINBOW since the 70's.
    These Foolish werent schooled/smart/OLD enough to realize that the weekend Warriors, Rainbow Tourists, etc....HAVE NOTHING TO TRADE BUT Their Tobacco.

    All I do know is that TEACHERS need to Step up & be teachers.....and by TEACHER,


    All the smoke I blow wont put any sense into any of your heads so I will no longer be teaching the Average wanna-be Rainbow the following:
  • Make fire from water
  • Finding/extracting water mostly anywhere
  • Barter Secrets
  • Travel Secrets

  • and most of all

  • The purpose of Man's life on earth

  • 5 TRIBES CAME UPON THE EARTH (Actually 7), Act like you belong to one of them!!!

    Again, My apologies for closing the site down. THANKS TO ALL who enjoyed..... If ya need to see the PIC's I had archived...Send me an e-mail....unless your u have a brain cell left or two:

    For those with sense that need to know,
    Click up top and erase the bow.
    If your lost & still cant see,
    Then this is what was meant to be.

    Site visited by Lost people seeking truth.

    I LUV'D YOU !!!!


    " Adios mi amigos - TRADIN' BILL"