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Greetings Rainbows, Naturalists or Page Surfers. This is a free Site dedicated to the FREE exchange of all Info concearning Rainbows & Rainbow Warriors of our planet. This is NOT an Official Anything Site. This is Free info from the Public, to the Public. Anyone Wishing to submit info please E-Mail us
Updated 12/21/18


Thank you for Plugging in folk's. Come see us sharing the Forest love with all humans. Get ready for Fellowship 10 day get together. !!!! Scout some new sites for the next decade of Warriors. We still need new sites even if we dont gather but have small get togethers..

Dates already out 2/10-18 @ Syracuse Island which is under water at moment. Nothing in stone and Info can flip flop like a fried fish on fridays furnace. so STAY TUNED!!!

  • Love Wins

  • Now for the Skinny.......
    Stay Tuned for the coming soon Ocala Council's!!!!!
    Christmas Dinner at Lake Mary, hippie noon. Some will stay at Freak Creek, bliss/Bless where you may
    The good Holding camps are scattered, small and ~Word of mouth~ only. The blow-up hot holding camps are still the normal Freak creek and Sand Dollar by LLB.

    Stey in skool and teach your children well.

    We Love You!!!!!!

    PICs - Gatherings

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  • WE LUV YOU !!!!

    "Hit 'em in the Funny Bone....Thats where they'll expect it least"