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Fla_Hippy's Reply letter, By Fla_Hippy & Posted by Fla_Hippy. Study your E-Mail and Internet Copyright Laws. If you hit send, It becomes public Domain.

DISCLAIMER - This is a sample Example letter, off a HUMOR page. It is not intended for any other use than a laugh. Actual names were always left out to protect the innocent or idiots, The names that stayed dont have hangups.
AGAIN, This is MY Sample response Letter that may be used or displayed at anytime by anyone on any Site.
My Below Input is in RED.

Quoted from Logo's Site: The Gathering was a huge success. Thank you Barry for signing the permit. You did the right thing. "The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep." Jesus.

And some guy writes something like: are u now equating Barry Sacharow with Christ?. so

First of all, Christians (AND I) here refered to BS as a "Good Shepherd"....Not Christ.

And some guy writes something like: my Christian brothers and sisters have fallen pray to those like Barry Sacharow....

Well If you are Christian, I truly hope you know its meaning: CHRIST-LIKE. I have seen VERY little CHRIST-LIKE attitude, words, thoughts coming from you or the new age Rainbows calling themselves Phamily.

As for Barry, We REALLY frequent gatherings and have met, worked, ate, traded & gathered in the name of Peace with Brother Sacharow.

And some guy flames something like: B. Sacharow is not the leader of the Rainbow Family, he hijacked Ocala regional

I was THERE. I did NOT see you, SO how can you speak of something you know nothing of..... 1st......try this in life, It really works:

BELIVE NOTHING you HEAR......and ONLY HALF of what YOU see.

And some guy flames another & assumes something like: Barry's right hand man in hijacking, Rjay... and since no consensus reached in council, he had the OK to do so.

Again, I was there and NOW the Truth is told: Saturdays Scout meeting went well All was in major agreement for at least 3 sites with ALL/MOST leaning towards Shanty. And Guess what, We did it without Barry.

The Truth is some RAVER kids where setting up a RAVE at Farles the Sat night BEFORE council....SO THE REAL STORY IS...Guess who showed up for Council...No not "A" campers this time, RAVERS Coming down off of who knows what...WANTING to have a BIG SCRUB Gathering and a RAVE on the BLUE SINK ( A large Beautiful Hole in the Ground ).

And some guy writes something like: Have any of u ever read the permit ?

YES, Have you read the signed permit?

And some guy writes something like: -I would bet that not one of you has.
-Have you ever met Barry?

PAY UP, dollars or Donuts will do, Have you?

And some guy hides & shuffles with: Ministers of God are protected under the 1st amendment
The Ministers I know FORGIVE peoples pasts, DO NOT DWELL on the bad AND spread positive words.

And some guy writes something like: Have u read the permit. I doubt it.

Again, I ask you re-read the permit with intentions of Looking for good in a Military/Govt controlled Florida Situation.

And some guy prays: opens hearts & eyes to signing a permit

Thanks, REALLY. We hope God opens your Good, Positive & Contributing Box that seems to be shut & Locked away.