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Welcome Home. This is a Florida Info page on Florida Info/Events.

Lotsa SUMMER Florida Gigs a Happenin'!!!!! E-Mail for places to stay or hook-ups on florida freebies. JOBS even right at moment. EZ hippy stuff from House-Sitting to Flea Markets to even some real labor for those gung-ho ones!

  • The Bush's "Official" Florida Site

  • - The "People's" Florida Site (SITE SHUT DOWN FOR TRUTHFULNESS)

  • Marion County Inmate Search - Find that Missing Hippy!
  • U.S. Census Florida FACTS!
  • Hippy Havens in Florida/U.S.: Hippy Haven list!!!
  • Florida Events: Cool Stuff Year round here...
  • Florida Bound?????: Rainbow Job & Housing Florida Info
  • Florida Law - Online: E-Z Florida Law Web Site
  • Large ONF Scan: 300K, BIG, CLEAR MAP !!!!
  • Florida Wildfire PUBLIC REPORTS: Wildland Fire - Div of Forestry

  • WHO IS TRADIN' BILL? : One Face, One Bellybutton, One Vision....

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