Thoughts on OCALA 2002

From the Land:

One of the best events in Ocala Rainbow History was our blessing. On the land, Council was held & questions answered about the Big Scrub Rave/Gathering. ALL Agreed we were ONE Family in ONE Forest......and the Love blossomed. Family from all over poured into Shanty Pond & a few blessed the Scrub. Seed campers burned Pine leaving the fallen dead oak for the gather's. The true blessing was Everyone working together.

Forestry did only a daily Walk-Thru for Safety and were the most polite LEO's I have ever witnessed. As "A" Camp was coming to full bloom (explosion), Jesus arrived & set-up a massive camp to begin the calling. All went well and Rain fell the last Friday & Saturday keeping most in their tents, camp or by a fire. The Earth felt cleansed as the sun appeared Sunday. After a day or two of drying clothes, we are still amazed at the Beauty of this years gathering. We are saying our goodbyes and heading into the sun, filled with an abundance of love & joy.

From BabblingOn:

Sad it seems every year a Famous person Passes on while I am in the woods. Last year a Race Car driver...this year a Country Western Singer. Ocala ravers even managed to stir up a BIG SCRUB Rave RUMOR that affected Not only the Ocala Newspaper, but even AGR to to the extent of One Rainbow WebSite being Suspended. It was a blessing to see some of those who DID send Hugs thru AGR.
Bringing much love back into BabblingOn...

Tradin' Bill

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