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2003 Ocala Gatherings


  • OCALA REGIONAL 2003: The TRADITIONAL 2003 Ocala Rainbow Family Regional Site HAS been determined. When: Feb 14th-28th.

  • DIRECTIONS from Salt Springs, go north on State Route 19. Turn right on County Road 43. (It's the dirt road across from CR 316. There's a sign pointing to Ft. Gates Ferry). Go about a mile on CR43. Turn Right on Forest Road 27 (Look hard after slight curves). Go straight until you reach the front gate (You will see a FR24 bearing off to right...DO NOT TAKE.....continue Straight!). Welcome Home!

    1. Seed Camp & "Howdy Folks": HERE

    2. A MAP: HERE

    3. O'PHISH4all Gathering Info for All Folks: HERE

    4. Seed Camp UPDATE I: HERE

    5. Secret Site Map: HERE

    6. Seed Camp PIC's: HERE

    7. Troll Identification Humor Alert: HERE

    8. AGR Troll Prayer SHRINE !!!: HERE


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