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2004 NOTES

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    Council Notes:
    WOW.....and you can say it backwards. The Family love was in full force. Representing was Canadian, Katuha & other Folks from Mountains to Valleys, ALL coming with open arms.
    Sites were discussed & the Best Mother Earth chose to display shall be it, whether you come by earth, air or water.
    I Can't express all the love at this Council Weekend.
    Special Handling:
    Bring your Love filled heart.

    "Love can be found in a Hug.

    Accepted Forms of Pluggin-In:

    Being on the land
    Water runs
    Butt Patrols...(Cigarettes that is.)

    Gathering Terms:

    The only term I have ever "ALWAYS" seen at a gathering is the fact that someone in them thar' woods loves me. Attend & thou shall be loved.


    Political Information:

    Most camps are declaring "No Politics". Please respect the Camp/Kitchen you attend rights to their own decision.

    Workshops may appear on anything from "Rainbow" Plugging-In to USFS/Family Particulars. Look for a Workshop you will be led to and Participate. Ocala is a great chance/place to be informed.

    Bringing Stuff:

    Hugs & Good Karma

    Thanks again for looking and WE LOVE YOU!