National Rainbow Gathering

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    Not 4 DIAL-UP PC's!!!!
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  • This year in Arkansas was AWESOME !!!!!! The rumors scared nobody. Arkansas people & family were the GREATEST Folk I have met in a long time. Just like mi kin in West Virginia helping anyway they could. I camped near downtown "Rainbow Land" and had all my wishes granted by some Arkansas Folk. Bellybutton Bliss I believe they called themselves and again the best of people.

    The site was in full swing when I arrived the 3rd. The 2 mile road was FULL of vehicles, People parking as far as another mile away. 2 seperate Shuttles of Volunteermobiles were moving alot of people in. The LEO's smiled and waved at me. I traded and walked the entire site for my vacation. FLORIDA FAMILY was representing like I have never seen. We ate good at the "Main Rock", Held hands on the 4th and loved YOU!!!!!!

    I swam in the river, Skipped thru the forest & helped 2 brother's find "Rainbow" for the first time!!! I and I, Yes had a good time pon family. I ignored all those rumors and GLAD I DID !!!! Much Love in the woods & it all showed during the 1 rain & 1 sprinkle I had. All who Loved/Fed/Provided my needs....

    I THANK YOU !!!!

    Lovin' You !!!!

    Tradin' Bill

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