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Okay Kind People, Due to requests for my yearly thought's.........

"We Love You"

The Ocala Gathering was a Mellow, nice healing experience this year. First, Everyone worked together to pull ALL remaining resource's, for the Love was bountiful. Alot of Past family showed and we missed a few folk's caught up in Babylon.

2nd, Respect was shown for all. The DRAINBOW Count was very, very low. Past Drainbows knew/know the Locals in the area can handle any problem by the "Next of Kin" Method, and the Locals showed high respect this year by, "Welcoming us Home".

Last ...... Like a rainbow, Bob Marley's compelling vision was that all the races will be united in one radiant and shimmering bridge to the center of the Universe, loving, and alive in light. Ocala Rainbow and Bob Marley are/were responsible for the direct support of MANY people, We (& he) rarely turned down any of the constant requests for help that were directed to us. That is why Rainbow is the sum total of the environment in which we grew, and took something good from. To give back is a Needed LOVE!!!!

Tradin' Bill